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Environmental Noise Assessment

Our primary expertise is in the area of environmental noise. Our research in this field has led to the development of a stand-alone system based on virtual instrumentation (computer software) that can be used to record and then analyse the severity of nuisance noise.

The SpectroAcoustic Meter (SAM) unit has been acquired by local authorities as a way to quantify levels of environmental noise and use the resulting data as evidence to enforce local noise regulations.
We recognise that it is not in the interests of all local authorities to purchase their own SAM unit, and so we offer assessment and analysis as services as an alternative to the SAM devices.

Schedule of charges:

Travel to site $45/hr
Mileage $0.71/km
SAM unit on site $10/hr
On Site time (set up and take down) $55/hr
Analysis and Reporting $150/hr
Court appearance POA

All prices are in NZ dollars, and would be applicable where we could travel by vehicle to your location in New Zealand. All charges are negotiable prior to the commencement of a contract.